Five reasons why I’ve started blogging

  1. I want to help people, at a much higher level.  I think I can help many more patients this way.
  2. I want to build out my online presence.  I’ve neglected to blog, it’s about time to catch up.
  3. To connect with people in different industries.  Cross-pollination leads to more hardy hybrid species.
  4. To guard against being expendable.  You, the reader, are the only one who can fire me, by not reading.  I hope I don’t bore you.
  5. In order to extend my network.  It turns out it really is hard to do it on your own.

Guarding your brain

1.  I want to help people, at a much higher level.

Let’s face it, I didn’t move to Wall Street for a reason.  I really like interacting with people who have neurological problems and want help.  But in clinic or the hospital, I can see only one patient at a time.  It really works out well for that one patient.  It stinks for the rest who have the same problem but can’t make it in for whatever reason. I trained as a doctor who has a one-to-one relationship with patients.  Maybe when I speak publicly, I’ll enjoy a one-to-several relationship.  With the Internet, I can change that dynamic to be one-to-many.  And when half of my day is spent educating patients, the idea of doing it on a large scale is very appealing.  The potential to help many people and make the world a better place is humongous.  It’s actually so intimidating, it’s part of what inhibited me from starting.  Enough of that, time to save the world.

2.  I want to build out my online presence.

It’s true, I’ve neglected blogging.  Not because I lack ideas or initiative.  Truthfully, this stuff takes work and time, and it’s not compensated – at least not immediately – and my life has been owned by others, until recently.  So I’ve been running on that hamster wheel of life, which makes a great reason not to blog. The other social media, I’ve done that.  I’m on Facebook, Linked-In, Google+, Pinterest, etc.  And if you look me up, you’ll find I’m no stranger to the media, doing many interviews over the years. But now that I’m free to speak my mind, I feel the urgency to blog like never before.  I have a message to get out there, and I think it’s time to share it with the world in a way that the other venues won’t allow.

3.  I want to connect with people in different industries. 

Robust survivors of the mating process develop what is call “hybrid vigor.”  It is very easy to become insulated in the cloak of Medicine.  But I believe that the healthy disruption of medicine is coming, and doctors who connect with leaders in other industries should have the biggest impact on helping the most people. So, anyone in other industries interested in learning about clinical neurology in the field, at a grassroots level, and how to fix modern medicine, give me a shout.

4.  To guard against being expendable.

It’s such an old story, isn’t it?  Corporate entity chews up and spits out its talent.  I won’t bore you with the details, the world is full of sob stories already.  The upshot is that I’ve learned that I, like those who fill graveyards, am not indispensible.  I don’t ever again want to be in a position to have to scramble to have a platform to work from.  If I can build my platform on the electrons of the Internet instead, it will take Armageddon to scrub me.

5.  In order to extend my network.

No man is an isand, yadda yadda.  But it’s true!  Until you are all by yourself, with no colleagues at your side, with few to no resources at your disposal, you won’t fully understand.  Not that my best friend is a volleyball named Wilson, but it’s been pretty lonely, being ejected from the business I helped to build. After a period of some pretty serious groundhog behavior, I’ve decided to come out and rebuild.  But this time, it’s going to be bigger and better by several orders of magnitude.  Not that I’m trying to prove a point or exact revenge, or anything base like that.  Really, I’ve realized that I can help so many, many more people with a different business model that allows me to extend my reach and automate many of my activities. In order for that to happen, I need help.  So here’s the call – I’m looking for a bunch of people who understand my message.   Who find it normal and actually exciting to work with me and help me.  I think blogging can put me in touch with those people.  Looking forward to getting to know you!

11 thoughts on “Five reasons why I’ve started blogging

  1. Always happy to help from the legal side and support one of the best, most knowledgeable and most caring neurologists I have come to know. I’ve missed talking to you. – and I do understand – Looking forward to being back in touch.

  2. Catherine, thank you so much for the nice comments. I’m looking for to this becoming a robust forum, and I really appreciate your contribution. I look forward to hearing more from you down the road, and we will certainly cross paths again!

  3. Ran across this tid-bit of information the other day and wanted to get your thoughts: There is not much there, but thought you might have some insight since you are so creative in finding ways to help your patients; ways that don’t necessarily involve “bringing out the big guns” when an airsoft will do the trick.

  4. It sounds interesting. I’ll look into it and let you know my thoughts. EAE as an inflammatory model may have some limitations, it turns out, when investigating human interventions. But the proposed mechanism sounds intriguing.

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