Dr. Orr asks… Do you know WHY you BUY?

People generally BUY things because those things:
1.  Give them pleasure.
2.  Relieve their pain.

Classic marketing has been about bringing pleasure into our lives.
– Advertisers would have us believe that we will be happier if we buy their products.
– We would look better, smell sweeter, and generally have more comfort and joy in our lives.
– This classic kind of marketing appeals to the pleasure side of the equation.

But NeuroMarketing takes a bit different approach.
– If you haven’t heard of NeuroMarketing yet, check out Salesbrain for a good, quick intro.
– NeuroMarketing uses principles of Neuroscience to get a much more precise and predictable PURCHASE response.
– It uses techniques to evoke fear and anxiety, which drive you towards the product in question.
– Anxiety and fear, when mixed with pleasure, are much more potent motivators then pleasure alone.

Are you aware of when you’re being sold by a NeuroMarketer?
– The techniques are HIGHLY compelling.
– They induce a STRONG urge to buy, even in the face of all logical objections.
– The discomfort factor is there, followed by huge relief for making the purchase.

RECOGNIZE THIS, because Buyer Beware has never meant so much!
– NeuroMarketing is still in its infancy.
– In the NeuroEconomy, it will likely evolve to be the dominant form of marketing.
– When your guard is down (your frontal lobes are frazzled, downcycled, burned out) you are at your Most Vulnerable state to make emotional, impulsive buying decisions!
So strengthen you Brain Function and improve your capacity to regulate your emotions.
– Join me and my team in our Three-Step Brain Building program that will help prepare you for the NeuroEconomy.
– Learn how to recognize your subtle internal signals that tell you when you willpower is weak.
– Develop a strong resistance to making impulsive, emotion-driven decisions that can wreck you financially.
– Shoot past your peers and competitors who fall prey to schemes that plunder their emotional systems!

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