Dr. Orr asks… Have you prepared for what is coming?

You may not be aware that you NEED TO PREPARE YOUR BRAIN for the next six months!

You may not be aware that you’re feeling different today
– But can’t quite put your finger on why?
– Maybe you’re feeling a bit tired.
– Or you might be feeling grumpy and sluggish.
– Does this give you a sense of doom?

You may not be aware that the seasons are changing.
– The days are a bit cooler
– And shorter.
– There’s less light.
– Your brain senses the change on a primitive level.
– New hibernation hormones are being produced, and you may feel your energy levels down just a bit.

You may not be aware that there are new pollens in the air.
– The leaves are changing.
– Different grasses and plants are starting to harden for season change, releasing their pollens.
– Your immune is reacting, kicking into gear, producing histamine and inflammatory proteins.
– Inflammation causes your frontal lobes to malfunction.
– And you may just feel a bit more sluggish, mopey, fatigued and emotional.

BE AWARE  – Surviving and THRIVING in The NeuroEconomy demands that you Prepare Your Brain!
– This is a time of year that kills productivity for many people!
– Hibernation hormones and seasonal inflammation will rob you of the ability to get things done.
– At an extreme, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can lead to depression symptoms.
– Cut these problems off at the pass and OPTIMIZE your brain with a simple program that will keep you in the game!

– Join me for a groundbreaking program that will help get you through the fall and winter.
– IMPROVE your happiness, health, and wealth – just when you need it the most!

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