Signs of Brain Failure Are All Around Us!

Modern signs of frontal lobe failure in the emerging NeuroEconomy:
– Cognitive anchoring in Politics.
– Motorist rage escalating to gang-like status.
– Rampant burnout in multiple professions (Doctors, Lawyers… and Congressmen).

I wrote a few days ago about how we need to prepare for the change in season…
– About how there is tension in the air.
– About how the days are shorter and our brains are perceiving less light.
– That this time of year brings an explosion of inflammatory pollens.
– And that all of this is a recipe for societal changes in brain function that affect individuals and society as a whole.

When you couple this with the:
– Financial demise the country still endures.
– Hordes of unemployed workers.
– General fracturing of many of our traditional systems of cohesive societal normalization…

All of this is a predictable recipe for social unrest, anxiety, panic and descent into disorder.

When the frontal lobes fail…
– The emotional brain predominates.
– Rash decisions prevail.
– Judgements are made without thinking out the consequences.
– Relationships are harmed in the heat of the moment, in ways that may be deeply regretted later.

When this happens on a large scale, it’s a recipe for social unrest.  See the examples right around us.
– The failure of our Federal government to come to a consensus and function properly.
– Mass roving gangs of amped up motorists instigating road rage conflicts.
– Disintegration of systems that previously were thought to be “stable” – financial, healthcare, home ownership…

BUT, when you consider ALL of this through the lens of the neuroeconomy, and look at what it means to have FUNCTIONING FRONTAL LOBES:
– The growing number of tech-related millionaires and billionaires.
– The explosion in coaching and consulting-related business.
– The exponential growth in the amount of information available at our fingertips.
– The segmentation of people into niches that are very large, and tribe-like.

THEN, consider:
– What survival of the smartest means to YOU.
– How you will handle getting on or falling off the Cognitive Curve.
– What cognitive flexibility, adaptability, and emotional control mean to YOUR BOTTOM LINE.
– How life would be in 2, 5, 10 years if you DO NOT get on the Cognitive Curve of the NeuroEconomy that is carrying so many people to success.
– How you will benefit from IMPROVING your abilities with a simple, structured Brain Building program that keeps you on track and ahead of the pack!

– Join me in my groundbreaking Brain Building program that will help get your frontal lobes tuned up and firing.
– Avoid the disaster of falling of the exponential Cognitive Curve.
– IMPROVE your happiness, health, and wealth – even in what feel like desperate times!

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