Shocking NFL Concussion Exposé Validates NeuroEconomy


NFL Football – Greatest Game Ever?

– Very probably.  Modern-day gladiators provide super entertainment.

– Super way of releasing social tensions from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

– Gives the country something to rally around and celebrate.

– Replaces domestic warfare and channels the energy of aggressive young men.

BUT, Players’s Brains Risked for Corporate Profits & Conflicts of Interest!

– Contaminated medical literature.

– Create unethical pressures on medical complex to whitewash head injury issue.

– Coverup of data and pressures against honest Neuroscientists to retract legitimate findings.

– Social pressures to silence the message of brain damage to NFL veterans.

– Fear that knowledge of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy would shut down this lucrative industry.

– Issue really came to light only because of contract renegotiations in 2011.

Who Cares?  Football’s Been Around For Decades!  Why Change Now?

– Because Brain now trumps brawn.

– We are in a rapid evolution from a cardio-centric society to neuro-centric one.

– For the first time in history, your well-being is determined more by brainpower than horsepower.

– Smart mothers will not let their kids sacrifice their intelligence for the sake of short-term sports career gains.

The NeuroEconomy Dictates New Ways of Doing Things!

– NeuroRescue from damage – No return to play after concussion.

– NeuroRepair – strategies to recover tissue injured after traumatic brain injury.

– NeuroProtection – medications to reduce the brain-damaging effect of trauma – none available, so why not avoid the trauma in the first place?

– NeuroOptimization – The streamlining of brain function through a comprehensive program of strategies.

– Or how about using robotic avatars on the field and have geeks control them remotely from behind the bleachers?


– Join me in my groundbreaking Brain Building program that will help get your frontal lobes tuned up and firing.

– Avoid the disaster of falling of the exponential Cognitive Curve.

– IMPROVE your happiness, health, and wealth – even in what feel like desperate times!

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