Gratitude is your path to Expansion.


Your brain is wired to trigger gratitude and well-being together.

  • This “circuitry of emotion” is part of how you are wired.
  • We usually express gratitude as a reflex, when we feel that our well-being increases.
  • This reflex reinforces our social network… through the expression of appreciation for gifts.
  • A state of well-being fosters creativity, growth, expansion, harmony and connection with others.

Your brain is also wired to express anxiety and fear together.

  • A separate set of brain circuitry handles your perception of threats.
  • When you perceive danger, then anxiety is triggered and overwhelms most other emotions.
  • Adrenaline and other “rescue” hormones are released as part of this stress response.
  • The brain structures involving anxiety/fear are wide-reaching and very powerful.

Anxiety/Fear cannot coexist with Gratitude/Well-being.

  • These emotional systems are contained in competing circuits, so that one cancels out the other.
  • Anxiety is a great motivator to rescue you in a pinch.
  • Over time, this circuit can grow and become so strong that it overwhelms other emotions.
  • And sustained anxiety creates tunnel vision – it blinds you to other emotions, including Well-being.

In which emotion do you chose to live?

  • When you are in a crisis, sustained anxiety may lead to a downward spiral of despair and contraction.
  • Being aware of this emotion, called mindfulness, allows you to change your internal construct.
  • For a change, try expressing gratitude and just watch how your sense of well-being increases.
  • Be grateful for small things, then large things.
  • And break the cycle of fear so you may open your mind to new possibilities.


  • Join me in my groundbreaking Brain Building program that will help get your frontal lobes tuned up and firing.
  • Learn how to transform anxiety/fear to gratitude/well-being.
  • IMPROVE and EXPAND your happiness, health, and wealth – even in what feel like desperate times!

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