The NeuroEconomy Has Finally Arrived At The NFL!


The NFL is a Symbol of our Country’s Physical Might.

  • For all of humanity, physical power has dominated every society’s economy.
  • Societies have revered the gladiator, the warrior, and the soldier for thousands of years.
  • Physical force has dominated on every playing field, every war zone, and in the political arena.
  • But, Things Are Changing.

The New Power is in the Human Brain.

  • The NeuroEconomy is how new fortunes are made.
  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, cyber-war, and everything else built on the internet is changing the game.
  • The planet is literally getting smart through the extension of human minds into the Internet.  This is The Exocortex.
  • Your wealth will now be determined by how well you think and create through your personal Exocortex.
  • Your ability to manufacture your cyber-environment will determine your income more than physical ability ever could.
  • Preserving and actually enhancing brain function is critical now more than ever.

Concussions Decrease Brain Function.

  • The evidence is in, it’s not healthy to be hit in the head time after time.
  • Even small hits as they accumulate over time reduce the abilities to think in many people.
  • A concussion followed soon by another concussion can be disabling and even lethal.
  • In the NeuroEconomy, decreasing brain function will not be acceptable to mothers and wives of players.

The NFL is Poised for Failure if Things Don’t Change.

  • The NeuroEconomy works behind the scenes, and it dictates that players need to preserve their brain function.
  • Mothers and wives of NFL players are realizing that their lives are directly affected by their players’ Head Injuries.
  • When moms stop sending their kids into football, the supply of athletes will dry up.
  • And smart athletes, who value their future after the NFL, will really think twice about playing.
  • Within years, professional football could fold.

Football Does Not Have to Disappear!

  • Players will benefit from a program of surveillance and intervention.
  • A spectrum of solutions is available: NeuroRescue, NeuroRepair, NeuroProtection, NeuroOptimization, and NeuroEnhancement.
  • But beware, NeuroCharlatans abound… the Brain is the New Snakeoil.
  • Be confident that your set of solutions is able to manage the spectrum of brain conditions.
  • And get on board with the demands of the NeuroEconomy, the world’s new way of organizing behavior.


  • Join me in our groundbreaking Brain Building program that will help get your frontal lobes tuned up and firing.
  • Learn how to shore yourself up against the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury from Concussions.
  • IMPROVE and EXPAND your happiness, health, and wealth – even in the face of the challenge of the NeuroEconomy!

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