Recovering from Physician Burnout and Building Better Brains

Opening up

  • It’s time to come clean.
  • I’m a Neurologist who had a very successful practice and was “killing it.”
  • I also was one of those doctors who was so overworked that I burned out in a big ball of flames.
  • The crashed came two years ago, and I’ve paid a steep price, pretty much derailing my career and nearly losing it all.

The Crash

  • As a physician, I had built up a rockstar persona and I was believing all the BS about me, even my own.
  • What I did not do was pay attention to the warning signs, the canaries in the coal mine that showed me things were changing.
  • I was making enemies with colleagues who were resistant to change.
  • I was making enemies in the insurance industry because of my outspoken frustration with their methods.
  • I was making enemies of hospital administrators when I complained and fought for more equitable treatment.
  • The cognitive toll of overwork made it hard for me to see those threats for what they were and make the right adjustments.
  • I didn’t protect myself.

Waking up

  • Knocked off my pedestal, I was so dazed and dumbfounded that I floundered for more than a year before I even knew what hit me.
  • When I I started to rebuild my life, I realized that what I loved most about medicine was helping patients by talking to them.
  • In fact, talking and solving logistical problems was the main activity that built me up instead of tearing me down.
  • But talking to patients, getting to know them, supporting them, is no longer rewarded in medicine.
  • In fact, doctors are penalized for talking, and we’re being pushed into becoming test-ordering, pill-pushing, procedural robots.
  • Realizing these facts and that my colleagues, my profession, my system no longer wanted me was a harsh awaking.
  • At first.


  • Today, I can’t continue to be a doctor in this health system.  I’m not allowed to.  I’ve been forced out.  How depressing.
  • Being kicked to the curb by my own was one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through.
  • At one point, I could really understand why doctors have one of the highest suicide rates of all professions.
  • We so strongly identify with what we do that the sense of loss is enormous when we are plucked out of our place and everything disappears.
  • So it was a happy day when I discovered that I could instead become a health coach, taking on clients instead of patients.
  • As a health coach, I found that I can talk with all sorts of people and help them achieve higher levels of well-being and performance.
  • Now I can help people in a new way, in a new environment, one that I could truly enjoy.


  • I work from home.
  • I set my own hours.
  • I don’t have to deal with antagonistic administrators.
  • I’m not subject to a harsh bureaucracy.
  • My soul, my health, and my family’s well being all come first.
  • Burnout and all of the garbage that comes with it is behind me now.

Come with me

  • Please let me help you find the same kind of peace and reward in your life.
  • My purpose on this planet is to help humans achieve their highest potential.
  • I will teach you about your brain function and show you how to push the edges of your abilities to maximize your performance.
  • Neurocoaching is the fastest way to prepare and align yourself with the NeuroEconomy.  Get on board now!

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