Your Money Comes from How You Think

Social Power is About to Explode

  • We are moving from a brawn-based to brain-based society.
  • For all of history, wealth was created from horsepower.
  • Leaders coerced the populace and exploited its ability to lift and move things.
  • But even the greatest empires became stretched thin and eventually collapsed on themselves.
  • This was because brawn, human muscle power, was the limiting factor.
  • There is only so far you can flog a person before he drops.

A New Power Multiplier has Emerged – the Exocortex

  • The World Wide Web is enabling an “external brain” for the globe.
  • Everyone who interacts with the web is contributing to some extent to the construction of this brain.
  • The more of your knowledge that you store outside of your brain, the more you participate.
  • If you need to retrieve this knowledge periodically to make life run properly, then you have an Exocortex.
  • The Exocortex is a logical extension of your brain’s Cortex, the part of your brain that has made you human.

The Exocortex Extends Your Abilities

  • The more you put into your Exocortex, the greater your potential power.
  • The Exocortex augments your abilities, intellectual or emotional.  It has the ability to improve your social intelligence.
  • To gauge the impact of your Exocortex, just try living life without your computing devices for a day, a week, a month.
  • The more things fail, the more dependent you are on your Exocortex.
  • Do you become demented when your computers are offline or not accessible?  Then you are really plugged into and dependent on your Exocortex.

The Exocortex is creating the NeuroEconomy

  • This collection of externalized brains is allowing us to evolve new behaviors quickly.
  • The development of Apple Computers, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook, and Cisco are natural EARLY effects of the web.
  • These companies have created individual billionaires, the new Industrial Capitalists.
  • In ten years, we will see thousands of similar companies and an explosion of billionaires as the pace of activity picks up exponentially.
  • This is the NeuroEconomy.  The environment in which you organize your thinking and actions around your Exocortex, and everyone else’s.
  • You can now harness the power of hundreds, thousands, or millions (or billions?) of externalized brains to do your bidding…
  • … If you have the right message, product, or concept that is full of value and solves problems effectively.

How Leaders Approach the NeuroEconomy

  • Aristotle would have looked at the Exocortex and urged everyone to use it wisely, for good, pursuing virtuous goals.
  • Machiavelli would have jacked up his Excortex to create conflict, smite his prince’s enemies, and protect himself from losing power.
  • Today’s leaders are naïve about how to approach the Exocortex.
  • The NSA scandals go to show how early we are in the application of this technology.
  • Many of the failures we see in today’s political environment speak to cognitive failures at multiple levels.
  • If politicians were subjected to a higher standard of cognition, they would submit to high-level cognitive evaluations, brain imaging and tests of brain integrity.
  • You can expect that a very savvy leader will emerge who truly gets the power of the Exocortex and the NeuroEconomy.
  • That leader will have more power than ever to become a tyrannical despot – or benevolent aristocrat.

Bringing it Back to You

  • How do you use your Exocortex?
  • Is it a novelty?  A simple tool to pay bills?  Part of your work environment?  A tool to communicate with friends?
  • Or have you jumped ALL-IN and uploaded vast aspects of your life into the cloud, into your personal Exocortex?
  • Are you acutely aware of your HUGE potential to harness this tool to influence others, to add value to society?
  • Have you jumped on to the top curve and are you using your Exocortex to ramp up your income?
  • Or are you going to languish behind, drop onto a lower level of activity, and even languish behind?

Prepare Yourself Now

  • In less than a decade the masses will have a new generation of devices that connect our brains directly to the Exocortex.
  • Now is the time for you to learn more, to optimize yourself.
  • Use NeuroCoaching to get your brain tuned and mindset adjusted to ensure that you don’t get left behind!

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