Protect Your Brain this Christmas!

Tis the Season…

…to purchase toys, athletic equipment, tickets for exciting vacations.  What do these Christmas gifts have in common with Traumatic Brain Injury?

Put simply, RISK.

As we are going about our last days of shopping before the big day, let’s keep in mind:
– Millions of sports-related concussions occur every year in the U.S.
– Brain injury is responsible for 3/4 of all cycling deaths (more than 600 yearly!).
– 85,000 cyclists visit emergency rooms every year because of concussion.
– More than 10,000 skiers and snowboarders visit doctors yearly for head injury.
– Helmet design is still so primitive that you’re getting little more than styrofoam to protect your most precious organ.
– And yet helmets make the difference between life and death every day

So while you’re out there deciding whether to:
– Buy a bike or boxing gloves
– Take a ski trip
– Sign up your child for football
– Or make any Christmas purchase for a sport item that can put a brain at risk…

BE MINDFUL!  Reduce risk by being proactive!
– Avoid that back-woods ski slope or bike chute that you’re not trained to handle.
– Don’t put yourself into a risky position that can lead in seconds to catastrophic brain injury.
– Prepare yourself to also buy a hospital bed and lifelong rehab for your child if you expose him or her to a risky sport.
– And if you MUST bike, box, play football, ski, or engage in any extreme sport, shop around for the best helmet you can find!  It can make all the difference in the world!

Life in THE NEUROECONOMY demands it!  Today, more than ever, how you use your brain determines:
– Your livelihood
– Your place in society
– Your long-term value to this world.
What a shame to sacrifice so much for a moment of thoughtlessness.  Be mindful of how you treat your brain and your kids’ brains.

– Wishing you many blessings and a healthy, safe holiday season!

– And make one of the smartest purchases ever!  Sign up for my Brain Building NeuroCoaching program and reap the rewards in 2014!

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