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The NeuroEconomy continues to pervade, now with open-source speculative educational journals aimed at the masses. Today more than ever, when so much depends upon Brain Performance, you must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Don’t leave your self open to chance when you’re Building your Brain – get help from expert neuroscientists in learning what works and what doesn’t.

Mind Hacks

Biomedical charity The Wellcome Trust have launched a new online science magazine called Mosaic which is rammed full of mind and brain stories for its launch.

As part of their role is medical education, the idea is that they get writers to produce in-depth articles about science and then give them away for free (welcome to the barricades, do help yourself to a gas mask).

The launch issue has an interview with dandelion-haired cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, an excellent piece on whether it will ever be possible to understand Alzheimer’s disease, a 30-minute documentary about the science of normality (entirely focused on average white people as far as I could work out) and a brief article on the surprisingly complex science of keeping your brain off the pavement with cycle helmets.

There’s also some articles about other areas of science but I have blanked them from my memory.

Importantly, they’re…

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