The NeuroEconomy ushers in the Cyborg Era

Well, technically speaking, cyborgs have been around for a while, now, but this audacious event is exciting because of the high visibility… and the effect of restoring function to someone who can’t walk!

Stimulators now exist for:

  • The deep brain tissue (to treat Parkinson Disease, Pain, seizures, and soon Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • The cochlear nerve (for certain forms of deafness)
  • The trigeminal nerve (for migaine sufferers)
  • The swallowing muscles (for people with difficulty swallowing and at risk of aspiration pneumonia)
  • The retina (for certain types of blindness)

But the dream of regaining the ability to walk has been long-coming.  Amazingly, it seems we’re on the threshold of this amazing NeuroRepair!