Build a Better Brain with Sleep

Yet another piece of evidence that your brain needs sleep!

  • I was trained to believe “There will be time to sleep when I die.”
  • As a doctor training in the older system, half of everything I learned was taking call after business hours.
  • On a good week, I’d average about 4 hours of sleep nightly.
  • The training was great… it launched my career and propelled me to great heights.
  • But it also aged me prematurely and lead to my burnout.

Have you measured your performance during times of sleeplessness?

  • Versus when you are rested?
  • Does shift work disrupt your sleep pattern?
  • Is jet lag something you contend with on a regular basis?
  • Do you know how to measure and track your sleep?
  • Have you considered how to gauge the impact of your sleep on your productivity?

Make the most of your mind in the NeuroEconomy with Brain Building.

  • Learn about proper sleep cycles that optimize brain function.
  • Develop your personalized approach to hacking your sleep cycles.
  • Introduce sleep monitoring and maintenance to you routine, easily and quickly.
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