Creativity and NeuroOptimization

Alright, we know by now that the NeuroEconomy is creating major shifts in our society:

  • Menial jobs are being phased out by robotics and outsourcing.
  • Automation is eating into highly technical manufacturing jobs.
  • Highly skilled professional labor is starting to be displaced.
  • It won’t be long before even nursing and physician jobs are supplemented, then significantly replaced by automated, more precise methods of care.

So, how are you going to stay relevant?

  • Creativity is critical. But not all kinds of creation are the same.
  • You can be a copycat and “create” new material – essentially repackage what others create. No doubt, there’s a need.
  • Or you can truly solve the existing problems of the world and make a real and profound difference.
  • Check out this great review of the difference between Replication Creators and Skilled Creators.
  • And decide for yourself your relevance to this planet – which kind of creator will you be?

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