Blueprint for Healthy Brain Longevity

Why do we die?

If we’re lucky enough not to be killed by trauma, generally we wear out.

As a Neurologist, I’m fascinated by the ways that the nervous system takes hits, decays, and eventually leads to a sad, diseased decline for so many of my patients.

So how do we identify the opportunities for improvement in our brain health? How do we begin to tackle the seemingly daunting prospect of managing our own body, when it’s already such a challenge just to manage life itself?

Check out Maria Konovalenko’s excellent essay “9 Obvious Steps to Immortality.” You may not end up living forever, but these pearls of advice certainly make sense if you’d like to preserve your brain function as long as possible!


Headache Does Not Always Live Alone!

Did you know that some headache types increase your risk of:

Don’t suffer in silence! Check out the National Headache Foundation to get help!




Support Migraine Research!

Did you know that migraine is more common than diabetes or asthma in the United States?

Amazingly, more than 1/10 of our citizens suffer from migraine, and a third of those are in pain for more than 15 days every month for half the year!

This costs our society $20 Billion annually…

… but migraine research receives only about 2% of the research funds that diabetes and asthma receive!

This just seems wrong to me. Please join me at The American Migraine Foundation to help support the important research needed to help improve the many lives of migraine sufferers!



Busting out New Brain Technology!

CLARITY brain imaging



… Being able to view the brain AS IT WORKS!

… Being able to watch neurochemical changes REAL TIME!

… DISCOVERING the ideal solution for the brain, based on innovative imaging technology!


You don’t have to imagine any more, check out the amazing new CLARITY neuroimaging technology that’s hitting the street today!

Creativity and NeuroOptimization

Alright, we know by now that the NeuroEconomy is creating major shifts in our society:

  • Menial jobs are being phased out by robotics and outsourcing.
  • Automation is eating into highly technical manufacturing jobs.
  • Highly skilled professional labor is starting to be displaced.
  • It won’t be long before even nursing and physician jobs are supplemented, then significantly replaced by automated, more precise methods of care.

So, how are you going to stay relevant?

  • Creativity is critical. But not all kinds of creation are the same.
  • You can be a copycat and “create” new material – essentially repackage what others create. No doubt, there’s a need.
  • Or you can truly solve the existing problems of the world and make a real and profound difference.
  • Check out this great review of the difference between Replication Creators and Skilled Creators.
  • And decide for yourself your relevance to this planet – which kind of creator will you be?

Learn more about Brain Building Strategies that will push the limits of your capabilities, and become a highly sought-after Skilled Creator.



Brain gear head

Build a Better Brain with Sleep

Yet another piece of evidence that your brain needs sleep!

  • I was trained to believe “There will be time to sleep when I die.”
  • As a doctor training in the older system, half of everything I learned was taking call after business hours.
  • On a good week, I’d average about 4 hours of sleep nightly.
  • The training was great… it launched my career and propelled me to great heights.
  • But it also aged me prematurely and lead to my burnout.

Have you measured your performance during times of sleeplessness?

  • Versus when you are rested?
  • Does shift work disrupt your sleep pattern?
  • Is jet lag something you contend with on a regular basis?
  • Do you know how to measure and track your sleep?
  • Have you considered how to gauge the impact of your sleep on your productivity?

Make the most of your mind in the NeuroEconomy with Brain Building.

  • Learn about proper sleep cycles that optimize brain function.
  • Develop your personalized approach to hacking your sleep cycles.
  • Introduce sleep monitoring and maintenance to you routine, easily and quickly.
  • Brain sleep


The NeuroEconomy ushers in the Cyborg Era

Well, technically speaking, cyborgs have been around for a while, now, but this audacious event is exciting because of the high visibility… and the effect of restoring function to someone who can’t walk!

Stimulators now exist for:

  • The deep brain tissue (to treat Parkinson Disease, Pain, seizures, and soon Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • The cochlear nerve (for certain forms of deafness)
  • The trigeminal nerve (for migaine sufferers)
  • The swallowing muscles (for people with difficulty swallowing and at risk of aspiration pneumonia)
  • The retina (for certain types of blindness)

But the dream of regaining the ability to walk has been long-coming.  Amazingly, it seems we’re on the threshold of this amazing NeuroRepair!


Restoring Lost Memory in Soldiers

DARPA proposes another audacious experiment.
– Restoring Active Memory (RAM)
– Soldier survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury
– Implantable Brain Stimulator
– Aim is to replace certain brain functions lost in combat

Learn more


Build your Brain with Bilingualism

Forging new circuits in the brain takes massive action.

  • Our brains tend to gravitate towards the lowest possible setting for energy consumption.
  • With this comes a drive towards stabilization of behavior. Of avoiding tasks that are too stressing. Because it takes massive energy to rewire the brain.
  • It turns out that learning a new language does indeed rewire the brain. And this behavior requires massive action, but it pays back great dividends.

Here’s how learning a new language helps to protect and grow the brain:

Brain Gears