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Principles of NeuroLeadership

Applying the principles of NeuroLeadership empowers leaders and managers to improve their capacity for Transformative Processes:

  • Decision-making: Neuroanatomy detailing the brain circuitry of internal conflict resolution.
  • Execution: Applied principles of organization and elimination of mental barriers.
  • Set shifting: Strategies to get multiple tasks done more effectively without multitasking.
  • Problem solving: Knowledge of logic circuitry; brain chemistry of reward and persistence.
  • Creativity: Enhanced understanding of flow and making new connections.
  • Emotional regulation: Understanding of the limbic brain and frontal lobe restraint.
  • Conflict resolution: Understanding fight-or-flight activation and its impact on relationships.
  • Collaboration & influence: Leveraging the brain’s empathy circuits and ability to engage others.
  • Facilitating change: Recognizing mental resistance points internally.
  • Achieving group synergy: Altering cycles of drama and disempowerment by changing roles of villain/victim/hero to achieve a state of empowerment with challenger/creator/coach personas.
Drama Triangle

Elevating Brain Energy

Brain Building Strategies and Principles

Understanding and mastering these transformative processes opens the door to better productivity.  Brain Building strategies are based upon these principles:

  • Brain function and physiological responses are easily hijacked by perceived threats.
  • Social threats and rewards are just as potent as physical threats and rewards.
  • Our brains’ automated responses to threats have a significant impact on our performance.
  • Behavior of leaders plays a significant role in activating brain networks that respond to threats and rewards.
  • Brain Failure is a common and under-recognized cause of poor performance and errors.
  • Individual and Group risk factors increase vulnerability to Brain Failure
  • Resilience against Brain Failure can be improved upon with Brain Building strategies.
Virtuous Cycle of Brain Building

Virtuous Cycle of Brain Building

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Contemporary analysis of executive coaching reveals measurable monetary ROI to be on the order of 700%!
  • Additionally, less tangible returns often accrue in the form of better health, better relationships, better employee retention and engagement, and improved quality of life.
  • These returns are particularly true when strategy is emphasized over tactics, and when applying neuroscience’s growing understanding of neuroplasticity in the context of volition, interest and attention through the mechanisms of coaching and mentoring.

Social Operating Mechanisms

These core components are offered through our Comprehensive NeuroLeadership Program and will help to accomplish the transformation of your institution:

  1. Weekly Strategy Sessions
  2. Weekly Lessons
  3. Mentoring and Coaching
  4. Customized Mastermind Group

1 Strategy

2 Weekly Session

3 Mentoring

4 Mastermind

Brain Building Program

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